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We’ve been brewing kombucha for almost two decades and somehow we love it more every day. Any one of our thirst-quenching flavors will leave you swooning along with us. Get sippin’ and get smitten!

Concord Grape

Jam out on this sweet kombucha flavor made with concord
grape juice from the Growers’ Co-op in New York.

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The perfect blend of sweet and tangy. It is the classic flavor
combination with the added health benefits of kombucha.

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Ginger Devotion

Feel the ginger zing of our flagship kombucha, packed with a spiciness that ginger fans will love, give it a try and become devoted.

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Taste the tropical citrus aromas and flavors of hops without the bitterness or the buzz. Forget beer, drink hopped kombucha instead!

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Bliss Berry

Oodles of luscious blueberries and a kiss of zippy ginger will usher you into a realm of veritable bliss.

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Schizandra Berry

Also known as the five-flavor-fruit, our locally grown schizandra berries give this kombucha a peppery and complex taste that’ll send your palate on a wild ride.

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This unadulterated kombucha invites you to enjoy the crisp and delicate floral notes of fermented long stem jasmine green tea.

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Green Lovin’

Blue-green algae and cordyceps mushrooms might sound like something you’d get out of a swamp, but this all-star combination will enchant you with its layers of flavor and natural energy boost.

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