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Our Elixirs

We currently produce three delicious versions of The Living Elixir. All begin with the base of pure, raw, organic kombucha tea. Each has its own very unique taste and character. We encourage you to try all of them. Everyone seems to find a favorite.

ginger farm in hawaii Ginger Devotion

Our first flavor to hit the shelves, and still the favorite of many people, Ginger Devotion is an elixir for the true ginger devotee. We use pressed organic Hawaiian yellow ginger from Kauai Organic Farms in combination with our original kombucha tea to create our potent ginger goodness. We're happy to support this small farm that shares our commitment to sustainable agriculture. You can truly taste the love in their certified organic ginger and noni. We don't hold back when it comes to ginger in this flavor, this is for people who appreciate the spicy sweetness that only fresh ginger can give.

pure essence in fermentation container Pure Essence

Pure Essence is our delicious original kombucha tea for the purist in all of us. Currently the mildest of all of our flavors, Pure Essence retains some of the flavor of the green & black tea infusion while gaining the light pungency of fermentation. If you've tried other kombucha brands, or a friend's homemade brew, you might be surprised to find that ours is much less sour. This is because we carefully test the pH and bottle our kombucha when it gets to just the right balance point where almost all of the original sugar has been converted, and the acetic acid has not had a chance to overpower the rest of the flavor.

schizandra berry Schizandraberry

Schizandraberry is a prized herb in traditional Chinese medicine. They called it the 5-flavor berry, because of its unique taste and versatility. It is not often found outside of its origin, northern China, so we were overjoyed to encounter it so close to home, in Whately, Massachusetts, grown organically by Dr. Chang Naturals. The flavor is so complex; there really is no way to describe it. When we first put it in kombucha, we instantly realized it was a match made in heaven, like two old friends reunited, they naturally compliment each other. By drinking it, you receive the healing benefits of both components and are doubly nourished and refreshed!


We have been working to get this flavor on the market for over a year and we are so happy it is out. We joyously pressed our own wild organic blueberries from Burke Hill farm in Maine to bring you this delicious blend of kombucha tea, blueberry juice, and a hint of ginger juice. We think that it is the most easy drinking kombucha anywhere. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Green Lovin'

Who would have thought that algae and mushrooms could taste so good. After much experimentation we came up with this absolutely amazing blend of superfoods and kombucha. We infuse our kombucha with the highest quality organic, wild blue-green algae from Upper Klamath Lake, and the most potent cordyceps mushrooms that we have been able to source. This elixir is truly potent, and keeps you going all day, and maybe all night! The color is a bit unusual for some, but give it a try, it will surprize you.


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