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Katalyst Kombucha LLC
324 Wells St.
Greenfield, MA 01301
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We are commited to planetary healing on every level, beginning with each individual, and expanding out to the local and global communities.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality raw and organic kombucha products, while utilizing business practices that honor all of the earth's interconnected systems, and promote healing and longevity for the people and planet. Our intention is to create a new paradigm for the role of business in society. We are part of a burgeoning movement of companies who have committed ourselves to prioritizing human rights and the environment above profit, and actively working for the benefit of all sentient beings.

We have searched extensively to select tea growers that are fair trade certified by Transfair to ensure that the garden where the tea is grown meets specific standards for the wages, living situation, and working conditions of its pickers. For every tea purchase, a Fair Trade premium goes directly back to the tea workers themselves. Tea workers have used Fair Trade premiums to hire schoolteachers, build maternal health clinics, and bring electricity to their villages, among other projects.

We produce our Kombucha tea at at the Western Massachusetts Food Processing Center, located in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Meet the Katalyst Kombucha family

bio photo: Will Savitri
Will Savitri
Will grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts and attended U-Mass Amherst where he received a bachelors degree from the BDIC program in Sustainable Agriculture and Holistic Health.

He spent much of his time in college living and working at an intensive camp for martial arts in the Berkshires as a teacher and chef, where he studied the healing properties of food, Chinese Medicine, and Tai Chi. After graduating from U-Mass he visited Hawaii, where he was first introduced to Kombucha. He became extremely intrigued by this odd and alluring food and upon return to the main land, began to investigate it further. When visiting an ecovillage community in North Carolina he was given a kombucha culture from a kombucha enthusiast there.

Since then, he has been cultivating the Kombucha Culture. As a resident and member of Sirius Community in Shutesbury, MA, he had the opportunity and space to create this wonderful elixir and test many different flavors and recipes with the members of the community.

After about a year making Kombucha at Sirius, he discovered the Western Mass. Food Processing Center in Greenfield, MA and the possibility of bringing this healing elixir to the wider community began to come to life. Will, Jeff, and his wife Kelly began to put their energies together to develop the ideas and foundation for a business that could reshape the way that business is done and be a healing force for the planet.

bio photo: Jeff Canter
Jeff Canter
Jeff grew up in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts in the 1970's. He attended Northeastern University, graduating in 1982 with a BS in Pharmacy. After working in pharmacies for 15 years, Jeff had an epiphany, which led to selling his house, quitting his job and traveling on a path of discovery and awaking ever since. He completed Kripalu Center for Yoga 200-hour yoga teacher training and became a certified Thai Massage Practitioner with Ken Nelson. He resides at and is a member of Sirius Community in Shutesbury, MA, and is a member of the Appalachian Mountain Club.

"I enjoy walking in the woods. Biking, hiking, gardening, cross-country skiing, contra dancing, cooking, baking, and poetry. Doing things that bring me joy and opens my heart-mind to the possible.

I'm interested in building a more fair, sustainable and connected world. With all people having free access to clean water, healthy food and safe affordable housing."

Sam Dibble
Sam Dibble started working at Katalyst in 2006 and has become an incredible part of the Katalyst team. He brings his deep love of fermentation and the kombucha culture to his daily work of managing the production and all of the intricacies involved. He is a co-owner of Green River Ambrosia, and looks forward to becoming the first worker-owner as Katalyst Kombucha develops into a worker-owned Cooperative.


Sandy Pearson

Sandy is our newest partner in Kataltst Kombucha and Green River Ambrosia .Sandy lives in Hadley, Ma and does sales, community relations and  also works production. He invested in Katalyst when we started in 2006. He is very passionate about all of our work and  is truly an ambassador for our companies. Sandy plays jazz guitar at events around our region. He is also a lover of our local agricultural economy and raises organic free range organic chickens and  keeps geese and goats. Sandy has done various community projects and  is past president of WFCR and former board member of the Western Ma Community Foundation and Western Mass Food Bank. He is our  company elder.

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